Johnny Rockett 
Pop Singer Song-writer.
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“My name is Johnny Rockett. I am a Solo Guitar Vocalist and Singer Song-writer from Charlotte, NC. I have been a musician for 10 years and I've played in just about every market you can think of. From pubs, restaurants, casinos, wineries, breweries, college campuses, cruise ships, listening rooms and even house concerts. Music has taken me to over 30 countries and I have played over 1,200 shows. Playing music, meeting new people and traveling the world is what I love and hope to continue to do so. I seek a genuine  connection with music listeners that value authentic expression. I want to enrich peoples lives the way that other artists have enriched mine. It is my hope in life to share my music and find people that want to hear it. I look forward to meeting you along the way. Take care my friend.”
                   Pop Singer-Songwriter                     
Who is Johnny Rockett?